Archaeology mystery: Ancient carving accidentally uncovered near Nazca Lines – drone video

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The huge mysterious ancient drawing was a huge feline geoglyph carved into a hillside in Peru. The ancient motif was accidentally discovered near the world famous Nazca Lines. Maintenance workers carrying out work during the coronavirus pandemic came across the strange cat geoglyph. The Peruvian Ministry of Culture later released drone footage showing the scale of the huge ancient carving.

The newly discovered geoglyph, believed to be more than 2,000 years old, was measured at 37 metres long with the lines of the design about 10 inches wide.

However, Jhony Islas, director of the Nazca-Palpa management plan of the Ministry of Culture, warned that the latest drawing was barely visible and at danger of becoming completely erased.

Mr Islas blamed this on the feline drawing’s position on a steep slope, subjecting it to the effects of natural erosion.

He added that the latest finding could be the tip of iceberg, teasing that it is likely there are even more designs out there waiting to be discovered.

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